24 hour film at Paula Cooper Gallery

Hey everyone – this isn’t so much a field report as it is just an FYI about some interesting work you might enjoy. There’s an exhibit going on right now at the Paula Cooper Gallery (West 21st Street, off of 10th Avenue) that may be of interest to our class.

The work is titled The Clock and it was created by American visual artist Christian Marclay. It’s a single channel, 24-hour video piece that appropriates footage from a more or less endless supply of classic and contemporary films. Using this footage, Marclay accounts for every minute of the 24 hour day, as seen through various scenes from the films. Furthermore, the piece is shown in synchronization with actual time. So, for example, I happened to be at the gallery right before 5 pm, so one of the scenes shown at that moment is the scene in Casablanca where Rick is waiting for the 5 o’clock train out of Paris and Ilsa stands him up. Then, at six o’clock we see people getting ready for dinner, and so on and so on throughout the day. Consequently, the gallery has scheduled several complete screenings of the film that show the entire 24 hour piece (I believe this takes place on Friday and Saturday nights). The gallery has set up a relatively large cinema space with about a dozen really comfortable sofas for people to sit and view.

It’s really an epic work… kind of like a cinematic equivalent of Borges’ fable of the map that was so detailed that it covered every inch of the terrain.

Anyways, the show is up until February 19th and it’s definitely worth checking out, even if only for an hour or two.

Here is the link to the gallery’s page about the piece.


Matt Whitman


One Response to “24 hour film at Paula Cooper Gallery”

  1. immanentterrainsp11 Says:

    Found this translation to the paragraph-long Borges story that you’re referring to (for those not familiar with it, including myself). Also looks like an interesting site, to boot:

    DataIsNature: “Borges, maps, terrains and Neogeography”


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