In Addendum to Reich

To expand on Dori's post regarding Steve Reich, I would like to add of significant interest to the conversation of sameness and repetition via variable syntax in compositional structure[s] are Reich contemporaries, Terry Riley [check out his early minimalist composition, In C ], the Dutch, Simeon ten Holt and his most wonderful, Canto Ostinato for 4 pianos [to be played to the point of physical exhaustion, inviting compositional alteration through a piece's own unraveling] and LaMonte Young’s [seasonally permanent], Dream House installation ongoing in Tribeca!!! Each of these works dimensionally develop over time through a very conscious shifting between striated and smooth, territorialized and deterritorialized tonal space, their rhythmic patterning providing a core structure for which the melodic flux to interweave and fall away.


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