Reading & Weaving at the Whitney

Hi there. I wanted to post the video that Chris Trice made to document the Reading & Weaving event at the Whitney.

I think he did a great job. Thanks, Chris and thanks to all of the readers: Noelia, Lukas, Erin, Chris, and of course Sam!

For me, the event was a really interesting opportunity to see the potential for new relationships among hands-on learning, creative process, and philosophy. Additionally, I wanted to see how a medium that unfolds through time (weaving) might or might not reflect a change in the creative maker, and traces the reading might have on that creative process. I was talking to Sam’s former student Ben yesterday about how some of the most interesting moments came from the movement from a striated to a smooth space–rote learning to day dreaming, straight perpendiculars of the warp and weft to curved lines or flat planes of color. Even time seemed to go from something that was striated by the syncopation of the noise and activity around us, to an internal rhythm eventually set by the weavers and readers.

We are beginning the conversation about the marathon version where we will be weaving and reading all of A Thousand Plateaus and possibly engaging in other activities (?) If you’re curious, please take a look at our Facebook group. You can request to be added if you’d like to post and get updates. Ideally, it would be amazing to hold the event the last week of class before everyone leaves for the summer, but in making sure that it all conditions are right, I’m leaving the schedule open to unfold as appropriate.


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