Phantom Limbs & Amp: Zones of Indetermination

Taking a cue from Leif’s video entry, I have edited a short piece I shot while visiting family in CA over the break. Inspired by Michael Snow’s “Wavelength”, expanded cinema and now, Deleuze’s concept of “becoming”, I chose to film my grandfather’s empty bed. Having had his leg amputated some months before, his situation is constantly provoking me creatively. The idea of phantom limbs, of the memories our body parts seem to hold on to, the change of pace both physically and mentally that has transpired due to the nature of the surgery (and the drugs being pumped into his system), the change of identity within the house (the living room now acts as a  bedroom), the becoming of my grandfather into what or who exactly?

I’m particularly attracted to the long take for its power of revelation, whether what is revealed is banal or shocking, the meaning that develops during the take is open and seemingly infinite. I am drawn to its ability to open a “wider zone of indetermination”, to allow the viewer a chance to ruminate.

That said, I wish there were a way to prohibit viewing the video any smaller than full-screen. Outside of research purposes, I am pretty opposed to watching films, even shorts, in miniature. Sam talks a lot about our viewing practices and the destruction of rhythm that can occur when we are distracted by our environment and I completely agree. It’s difficult, but I think more attention could be paid to the way we watch our media, respecting the artist and ensuring our own experience is as rich as it can be.


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