Nomadology… memory migrations… a multimedia project

In this project that I’ve been working on, a few ideas from A Thousand Plateaus have seemed to become influential in how I understand the work itself and my own process. The clip above is an excerpted version of the full piece which is approximately forty minutes in length.


The combination of different media into a new autonomous structure is something that allows my work to be driven beyond itself. I would call the tactic ‘escapist’ – but Deleuze might refer to it as the work seeking a line of flight. Both the content and the form are nomadic. The entire thing begins, of course, as something virtual – a sort of non-existent memory or a longing for a memory. But this realm cannot suffice. The body must keep moving and re-forming itself into something else…. hmmm, perhaps something more physically tangible? something that can be cradled or destroyed with human hands. So, memory migrates to the form that perhaps is most empathetic to it: film.

Ambulating hands go to work and the body relishes its concrete condition. Everything inside of the film body begins a migration – a point of escape. The itch and the longing – the meta-spasm – all of these tensions made visible and made to be felt – made to know a human reality. The body is marked and scratched, mutilated beyond repair and beyond any possibility of return to a sedative existence.

And from here the nomadic life of the project only continues. Somewhere, somehow, the body shifts again, entering new territory – this time a digital space. At this moment, the body is even more stealth – fighting a a guerrila-style war against itself. Traces and footprints of the material (which were once physical) are now invisible in the digital space. History becomes even less relevant and the journey becomes even more about the in-between of two locations – the imperceptible trajectory that the body follows in a state of becoming something else.

– Matt Whitman


2 Responses to “Nomadology… memory migrations… a multimedia project”

  1. Saishigo Says:

    Nice post (and the excerpt looks really good – better than when we projected it in class). I especially like this line: “memory migrates to the form that perhaps is most empathetic to it: film.”


  2. Matt Whitman Says:

    thanks Sam!

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