Production Project – FILM

Most of you had the chance to see an early cut of the beginning of my film, which was inaugurated as part of the final project for this class. I wanted to follow up and say thanks to everyone for your attention and comments during my presentation. Also, if I was a dick at any point, I apologize, as I was tired, maybe trying to be funny or likely trying to understand all comments. That said, I truly am interested in further comments, so if anyone has any, I would love to hear them. In fact, I invite everyone to view another cut of the film here:

Also, while I think the film stands on its own at current, I am still in search of a child full of innocence (under 12?) who may be willing to appear in the film. If anyone knows anyone, please also get in touch.

Now all this said, I wanted to thank and respond to Kenneth too. I think his points of praise and criticism are almost completely on point. That said, I also wonder about furthering the ‘Zone of Indeterminacy” and how that might happen. Namely, I am not so sure that my film does (or should) lack a protagonist and/or main theme. It seems to me that indeterminacy may require a character through which the audience can see the film, and a theme upon which it can contemplate, perceive, and be affected by. In effect, I am trying to instill a bit more traditional filmmaking style in my project through character and theme, albeit toward the end of indeterminacy. Of course, Ken’s notes on surprise are well stated and well taken. I think this is something I ought continue to develop with my work and toward a more potent crystal image.

-Colin Nusbaum


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